There is so much Nostalgia in returning to the small English village of Braunston in Rutland, where i spent the best days of my childhood. So many memories still remain with me of all the seemingly long happy days there.

Playing Pooh sticks on the bridge, bringing the cows in from the fields to be milked, running freely across the surrounding fields and down to the river.

The Pooh Stick Bridge

The Bridge over the River Gwash where we used to play Pooh sticks

I managed to return there in January this year and walk around. We had a quick game of Pooh sticks, looked round the church and signed the guest book, after which we walked slowly through the village to the large Victorian house we used to live in.

Down the drive

The house seen on entering the driveway.

Our luck was with us as the lovely lady who now owns the house invited us in to look around. Yes, there had been many alterations but there were also many things that hadn’t changed. All the memories came flooding back as i described to her how the house used to be, and also remembered the fun times we had as children living there.

House from Garden

The House from Garden

On entering the kitchen i was amazed to see the very same Aga cooker that used to keep me warm during the winter months whilst doing my homework all those years ago.

The aga in the kitchen

The aga in the kitchen

 It was a truly Nostalgic Day

House from Orchard

The House seen from Orchard


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