While in Miagao I was invited by Councilor Ma.Teresa Jambre from the Municipality of Miag-ao, for a traditional Miagaoan breakfast in the Vice Mayors Office. I was joined by Norman Posecion, a local photographer who has been doing alot of work documenting the area. We were given a tour of the Mayoral Office and shown a film of the local fiesta before setting down for breakfast in the Vice Mayors office.

Mayors Office Miagao

In the Mayors Office ,Miagao

This breakfast was mainly eaten by the wealthier families in Miagao and consists of ….. Ibos (sticky rice with coconut), ripe mango, bay bay (roasted ground rice with coconut in a banana leaf) and a cup of hot chocolate for dipping the Ibos.

Breakfast laid out in Miagao

Breakfast laid out in Miagao

We had met with the Mayor of Miagao the Hon.Macario Napulan the previous evening in Miagao at Sulu Gardens and he explained that traditionally the Ibos should be dipped in the chocolate, eaten, and followed by a slice of mango which would enhance the flavour. I tried eating it exactly as he advised and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The chocolate really did its work.

miagao breakfast

Ibos, Mango, Hot Chocolate make up a traditional Miagaoan breakfast

I hope that traditional foods like this can be revived and served in the local restaurants.This will give potential tourists to the area an added incentive to spend more time ( and money ) in Miagao on top of the time they spend visiting its famous church.

with Mayor and Vice Mayor of Miagao

With Mayor and Vice Mayor of Miagao, Ma.Theresa Jambre and Jonathan Matias owner of Sulu Gardens, Miagao

View over Miagao Plaza

View over Miagao Plaza from the Municipal Hall


Miagao Church seen from Municipal Hall

Miagao Church seen from Municipal Hall






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