21 Photos that will make you want to Visit Abra

Late on the tourism scene the Province of Abra is slowly emerging from its isolation. Having stabilised itself in recent years, its beauty is now becoming known to the outside world. 

Off the beaten path destinations are luring explorers and adventurers alike. Abra will truly surprise you with its attractions, both Natural and Manmade, hidden away in remote areas of the Province and in its towns and Barangays. 
Spanish Era ancestral houses and bridges, Museums, Hidden Waterfalls, Unexplored mountains and hills – you name it, Abra has got it

Come and visit the many wonders of Abra, they are waiting to be discovered.


Welcome to Abra.
The Tagandan Tunnel links Abra with Ilocos Sur. Beside the tunnel is the Gabriela Silang Memorial Park with a statue to honour Abra’s Heroine who led a rebellion against the Spanish Invaders in 1763.
Tagandan Tunnel. Entrance to Abra from Ilocos Sur
Santiago Street on way to San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine, Bangued, Abra


San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine was built in the early 1900’s. The red brick church has a very strange legend behind it. Click the button to find out more.


Abra loves its basketball but Rice takes priority during the rainy season. Come back at Harvest time if you want a game !!!!
Seasonal Basketball court, Bucay, Abra
Gabriela Silang Carino Museum of Fine Arts, Tayum, Abra


This is not an ordinary Museum. This is a collection of artifacts collected over a lifetime. Thousands of exhibits are housed in what used to be the Stables but now converted into a Fascinating “Aladdins Cave”
The ancestral house is where Gabriela Silang led her uprising from against the Spanish Invaders.


A fisherman walks upstream carrying a specially adapted innertube on his back. This will be his transport home after a days work. Just one of the sights you’ll see when you hike upriver to the Maar-Arbis Falls in Lagayan.
Sitio Baybayatin, Brgy. Collago, Lagayan, Abra

Some Fun Philippine Trivia

Facts about the Philippines!


One of Abra’s National Treasures, St Catherines Church is just one of Tayum’s many Treasures that make this town worthy of a visit.
St.Catherine of Alexandria Church, Tayum, Abra
Cows on the trail to Kaparkan Falls, Abra


If it’s Adventure you are after then Abra has it all. Climb its Mountains, Chase its numerous Waterfalls, Hike and campout in the Apao Rolling Hills or Ride the Monster Jeepney to the Unique and Legendary Kaparkan Falls.


Gov. Salcedo Bridge on Rizal St. is just one of many Spanish Era Bridges that are hidden away along the creeks of Bangued. Take a walk round the city and find the others.
Gov Salcedo Bridge,Rizal St. Bangued, Abra
Sinublan Falls, Lobot EcoPark, San Juan, Abra


One of the Falls on the way to Sinublan Falls in Lobot Ecopark, San Juan



 A natural jacuzzi formed over thousands of years by Mother Nature awaits anyone who makes it this far up to Sinublan Falls in Lobot Ecopark, San Juan
Sinublan Falls, Lobot Eco Park, San Juan, Abra
Calaba Bridge, Bangued, Abra


Calaba Bridge, completed in 2010 is one of the best places to hangout for views of the sunrise and sunset over the Abra Valley. From here you are afforded a 360 view of the surrounding countryside and everyday life on the river.


Walk over Calaba Bridge and follow the road down to the waters edge and get a closer look at the everyday life along the river. Watch the fishermen pulling their nets in or just people watch.


Fishermen under Calaba Bridge, Bangued, Abra
Tricycle Washday, Calaba, Abra


Park and Wash. The waters of the Abra River have many uses before they eventually reach the sea.


Pancit Miki from Acosta Panciteria in Bangued, Abra

- FOOD -

When you want to eat, go where the locals go. They know where the best food is served. Panciteria Acosta, along the Calaba Road is one of the most popular places to get a fix of Pancit Miki.
Homemade noodles, soup, crispy lechon, a sprinkle of spring onions and a spoonful of chili paste make up  Abra’s flagship traditional dish.
Each Panciteria has it’s own secret recipe so you’ll never find any two dishes the same.


Local fishermen navigate the rapids home, using their flipflops as paddles, on their specially adapted tubes after a days fishing on the Palsuguan River in Lagayan.
One day, maybe, when tourism reaches this forgotten part of Abra, whitewater tubing will be one of the adventure activities to provide an additional income for the people of Baybayatin.

Going Home after a days fishing, Lagayan, Abra
Rice Fields of Bucay, Abra


Rice fields near Bucay. Everywhere is green during the rainy season.


Another wonder of Abra. The Maar-Arbis Falls in Lagayan. The name is the Ilocano word for Drizzles
Maar-Arbis Falls, Lagayan, Abra
Sunsets over the Abra River, Calaba, Abra


Sunsets speak for themselves and Abra is not short of spectacular sunsets that fire up the sky.



Essential Travel Guides

Photos of Abra

How to travel to Abra from Manila

By Bus

  • From Metro Manila, there are three bus companies operating along the Manila to Bangued route.
    Partas Bus Company, Viron Transit and Dominion Bus Lines.
  • Journey time is around 10 hours
  • Fare at time of writing is P600

Bus Companies that link Bangued with other destinations are 

Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Partas Bus Company
Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Dominion Bus Lines
Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Philippine Rabbit
Bangued to Baguio – Sambrano Bus Lines
Bangued to Manila – Viron Transit
Bangued to Vigan, Tuguegarao – Esonice Bus Lines
Bangued to Baguio, Vigan, Laoag – BBL Transit

By Air
There are no airports in Abra.

  • Cebu Pacific has daily flights to Laoag.
  • From Laoag take a bus to Vigan and change there for a bus to Bangued



Discover why Abra should be your next Travel Destination. Discover Abra

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