Philippine Sunsets can be so magical. So many different colours light up the sky and reflect in the water.From blood red to to orange to purple

It’s that magical time of day when the birds return to their nests, when tourists flock to the beach for their sunset poses, children come out to play in the cool evening hours of the day. On my travels around the country and its various islands i have noticed a big difference in the type of sunset. The variation in colour is amazing. I have even heard of one Philippine Sunset where the sky actually turns the colour of purple.

Strange as it may seem, even on a small island like Boracay different beaches can experience different sunsets.

When watching Philippine sunsets make sure to take your time. Get in position about 20 minutes before the sun disappears and hang around for 30 minutes afterwards as there are sometimes some fantastic afterglows, even from what you may think to be a boring sunset.

So where are the best Philippine Sunsets?  Here are some of the best i have encountered.

White Beach, Boracay

On Boracay’s 4km White Beach hundreds of foreign tourists with their tripods and evening gowns gather for their end of day selfies, while others go out on  a paraw for the sunset sail round the island.

philippine sunsets Boracay White Beach. Cameras are out for the Sunset

Boracay White Beach. Cameras are out for the Sunset

Puka Beach, Boracay

On the northern end of Boracay, Puka is a laid back beach where you can watch as the 6pm RORO to Mindoro sails across the firey red setting sun.

philippine sunsets Rainbow like sunset on Puka Beach Boracay

Rainbow like sunset on Puka Beach Boracay

philippine sunsets sunset puka beach boracay

The ferry to Roxas, Mindoro sails across the multicoloured sunset as a lady dips her toes into the pink waters Puka Beach Boracay

Diniwid Beach, Boracay

The next cove north from White Beach is Diniwid. There is a totally different atmosphere here. Not so many tourists venture up to Diniwid. Its even worthwhile walking the length of White Beach and following the path round the rocks to come here.

philippine sunsets Boracay Diniwid Sunset

Boracay Diniwid Sunset

I stayed in place after the above sunset and was rewarded by the afterglows in the photo below

philippine sunsets Sunset Afterglow from Diniwid Beach Boracay

Sunset Afterglow from Diniwid Beach Boracay

Caluya, Antique

Just before sunset the children come out to play. Its so relaxing to watch them interact with each other, taking care of the younger ones and playing hop-scotch, flying kites and other games until they are called home to sleep.

philippine sunsets Caluya children playing on the beach at sunset

Caluya children playing on the beach at sunset

Culasi, Antique

Sit on the Baywalk  and watch the sun set over Malalison Island and Batbatan Island. Street stalls nearby provide BBQ and drinks. One of my favourite places.

philippine sunsets Culasi Sunset

Islanders from Batbatan sail home at Sunset. Culasi Baywalk

Looc, Tablas

Walk down to the Port area and watch the sunset over the Fish Sanctuary. Watch the fishermen haul their nets and just relax.

philippine sunsets Sunset at Fish Sanctuary Looc

Sunset at Fish Sanctuary Looc, Tablas Island


After crossing the mountains at Bulalacao en route to San Jose the shuttle van started to make its last descent towards Magsaysay. The light was disappearing fast and i could see that there was going to be a beautiful sunset.

Luckily i was sitting in the front seat so i readied my camera just hoping that the last few bends in the road would provide me with a photo opportunity. I was not disappointed.

philippine sunsets Mindoro Sunset on way to san jose

Mindoro Sunset on the way to San Jose

Sablayan, Mindoro

Cross over the Sabang hanging bridge, just by the maket, that links the town to the Barangay on the other side of the river. Make your way down to the black sand beach, and find your spot.

If you stay around the area close to the houses you will make friends with lots of children asking you all sorts of questions. Walking north along the black sand you will soon be alone.

Find your spot and watch as the sun sets between the two islands of North and South Pandan. After the sun has disappeared take time to go for a swim and float around in the clear waters.

philippine sunsets Sunset oner Pandan Islands Sablayan

Sunset over the Pandan Islands Sablayan


Sit amongst the coconut palms lining the road that runs alongside the beach on the west coast near San Juan or go to Brgy.Tongo to watch the sunset over three islands – Siquijor, Cebu and Negros.

philippine sunsets Siquijor Sunset at San Juan

Siquijor Sunset at San Juan

philippine sunsets Siquijor cebu and negros sunset on 3 islands

Sun sets over 3 islands of Siquijor, Cebu and Negros


These are just some of the Philippine Sunsets i have witnessed . Each one having its own magic and memories.

Where were the best Philippine Sunsets you have experienced ? Please let us know in the comments below.

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