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What to do in Bangued ? Thats a question I am often asked. Here’s a list of 38 Things to Do.

What to do in Bangued

So you have arrived in Bangued. Now what to do in Bangued, you say to yourself. Well you would be surprised to know that there is quite alot to do here.
Before or after your other local tours to Kaparkan Falls, Kili Falls or even during the two day International Freestyle Motocross Eent in nearby La Paz, be sure to see some of the highlights of Abra’s Capital, Bangued.

I have put together an extensive list of what to do in Bangued for you. I suggest you walk around the town but if you prefer to take a tricycle/ tour guide there are details below.

Enjoy your stay in Abra and i hope you find this list helpful. Any suggestions or additions please leave in comments below


Bangued Casamata Hill, Victoria Park

Victoria Park

1. Climb up Casamata Hill, Victoria Park for the sunset and a view over Bangued
2. Check out the Jose Rizal Monument
3. Climb the stairs of the Virgin Mary for a higher view and see Bangueds water tank dome below
4. Selfie by the I Luv Abra sign with Mt Bullagao (Sleeping Beauty) in the background
5. After watching the sunset walk back down the hill and enjoy a good meal with a view in the Rooftop Grill & Chill Restaurant

Provincial Capitol, Bangued, Abra

The Plaza

6. Sit on the grass or a bench and people watch
7. Checkout the activity on the basketball court. There may be a game to watch
8. Walk to the Provincial Capitol Building and wander around its interior
9. Buy some locally made products for Pasalubong (gifts to take home) in the Pasalubong Centre 
10. Check out the Statue of Don Quintin Paredes in the Hall of Justice next door to the Capitol Building

Barras Ancestral House, Bangued Abra

 Along Rizal Street

11. VIsit the Municipal Hall, which used to be the ancestral home of Don Francisco Manosa
12. Treat yourself to an Empanado from the vendors cart near the Municipal Hall
13. Check out the Ancestral Torrijos House on the corner of Rizal and Gomez Streets
14. Walk along Rizal Street and admire the red brick structure of the old Spanish “Gov.Salcedo” Bridge in Zone 7
15. Walk abit further to see the Barras House another remnant from the Spanish Era, which survived the intense bombing during WW2

Marker of Quintin Paredes House, Bangued, Abra

Santiago Street – Paredes Ancestral House to Abra High School

16. Visit the Ancestral House of Don Quintin Paredes whose statue is outside the Hall of Justice. There is a Plaque outside the house.
17. On the corner of Santiago and Mckinley Streets stands a green painted house which is the Ancestral Home of Dr.Paterno Millare, an ex Mayor of Bangued.
18. Continue along Santiago Street and soon you will come to the West Central Elementary School. Here take time to wander round and admire the huge acacia trees and the American Era Gabaldon Buildings
19. Almost next door to the West Central School is the Paredes Library where you can take a rest and read up on the history of Abra.
20. Just abit further along is the Gate of the Abra High School donated by the Class of 1927

Santiago Street on way to San Lorenzo Ruiz Shrine, what to do in Bangued, Abra

Abra High School to San Lorenzo Shrine

21. Enter the grounds of the school and take time to checkout the recently renovated ASSIST Hall built in 1919
22. Right at the end of Santiago Street is the San Lorenzo de Ruiz Shrine. If the church is open o inside and take a look round.If it is not open the walk round the outside of the church and check out its red brick walls and the cemetery
23. Buy a soft drink at the sari-sari store nearby and sit in the small park of Zone 3 and enjoy looking at the facade of the San Lorenzo Shrine and Bell Towers




Public Market, Bangued, Abra

25. Bangued Public Market

Spend time wandering around the hustle and bustle of Bangued Market. Outside at the back entrance is a busy and popular farmers market selling fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Inside the covered market you can find almost anything you need


St James the Elder Cathedral, Bangued, Abra

26. St. James the Elder Cathedral

Originally built in 1722 and completed in 1807. The church was bombed by the Americans during WW2 leaving only the walls and Bell Tower standing. Reconstructed after the war with American Aid. It became a Cathedral in 1955.

27. The Holy Spirit Academy next door to the Cathedral was built in 1893. 
28. The Parish Rectory on the left side of the Cathedral is worth checking out too. It was also destroyed by the American bombs and rebuilt.

Pancit Miki – Abra’s Favourite

29. Try one or more of Bangued’s Panciterias. There are many scattered around the town. Enjoy an Abra style Pancit Miki.


Gov Salcedo Bridge,Rizal St. Bangued, Abra. Spanish bridge in Bangued

Bridges of Bangued

30. There are quite a few Spanish and American Era bridges in Bangued’s old Spanish Quarter. Most of them are in a bad state of repair despite being part of Abra’s Heritage. It’s a pity that the LGU doesn’t really care. The best one is on Rizal Street ( Others can be found on Santiago St; Two on Taft St; and Penarubia St.  See if you can find them. 
31. Calaba Bridge is 2 km out of town, and is the second longest bridge in the country at 906 metres in length. Walk over the bridge to La Paz.
32. Visit Calaba Bridge at night. Cross and walk down underneath. It’s a fantastic place for stargazing and night time photography.
33. The Garden Bridge (Sinalang Bridge)  on the road out of Bangued towards Ilocos Sur

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Spanish Red Brick Six Cousins Panciteria Bangued Abra

Old Houses and Spanish Era Ruins

34. Take a walk down to the corner of Arellano and Ekonomiya Streets where you will find two old wooden houses built in the early 1900’s that survived the intense bombing of WW2. The house on the corner was built by the Vasquez sisters, Rosa and Francisca, who funded the building of the San Lorenzo Shrine in Santiago St.
These two wooden houses are yet another part of Abra’s Heritage that will soon be lost forever unless the LGU starts to take action.

35. The Six Cousins Panciteria in Taft Street is hidden behind a mess of undergrowth, but once inside this unattractive exterior is a quite well preserved Spanish red brick building. Go in and treat yourself to one of their Mikis whilst enjoying the surroundings.

37. The old Spanish Quarter of Bangued has many red brick ruins scattered around it, some still in reasonable condition.
See how many you can find. Leave a comment below as to your results.

Isla Bonita Resort, Bangued, Abra

 Mt.Isla Bonita

38. You must hae noticed the tall Jesus Statue on a hill by now. So for another excellent view of Bangued and the Sleeping Beauty (Mt.Bullagao) walk up the hill behind the DPWH Compound to the Isla Bonita Resort where this statue can be found. There are swimming pools here as well as a Climbing Wall and Rappelling.
Enjoy the 360 degree views all around from Tayum to the Sleeping Beauty.


Essential Travel Guides

What to do in Bangued

How to travel to Abra from Manila

By Bus

  • From Metro Manila, there are three bus companies operating along the Manila to Bangued route.
    Partas Bus Company, Viron Transit and Dominion Bus Lines.
  • Journey time is around 10 hours
  • Fare at time of writing is P600

Bus Companies that link Bangued with other destinations are 

Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Partas Bus Company
Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Dominion Bus Lines
Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Philippine Rabbit
Bangued to Baguio – Sambrano Bus Lines
Bangued to Manila – Viron Transit
Bangued to Vigan, Tuguegarao – Esonice Bus Lines
Bangued to Baguio, Vigan, Laoag – BBL Transit

By Air
There are no airports in Abra.

  • Cebu Pacific has daily flights to Laoag.
  • From Laoag take a bus to Vigan and change there for a bus to Bangued


Recommended Tricycle driver/tour guide

Rogine Alcantara – Mobile 09675279145

Where to Stay in Bangued

Origines Hotel – Calaba
Hollanda Homestay – Calaba 
Abra Valley Grand Hotel – Calaba
Oval Era Hotel – Zone 5 Bangued
Adtempco Hotel – Zone 5 Bangued
Lucky’s Hotel – Zone 5 Bangued
Abrassi Hotel – Tayum
King David Hotel – Zone 1, Bangued
Greenfields Hotel
Hawaiian Lodge – Calaba

What to do in Bangued, Abra, Philippines
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