Best Breakfasts I've ever had Around the World



What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?
— Anthony Bourdain

Best Breakfasts I’ve ever had Around the World

Everyone loves a good breakfast. The first meal of the day sets you up for the morning. I always say that if you have a good breakfast you can go the whole day without eating. 

So where are these breakfasts to be had around the world?

I asked the travel blogger community to send in their recommendations for the Best breakfasts around the world that they have eaten on their travels.

This part concentrates on the best breakfasts in the 3 A’s – Africa, Asia and the Americas.

You can find out about The Best Breakfasts in Europe by following this link.

Murray's Bagel with Creamcheese New York bagel

New York Bagel by Kelly of Girl with the Passport 

One of the best breakfasts in the world has to be a New York bagel with cream cheese. And while there are many different ways to order this iconic New York City food, most locals will tell you that the bagels in the city are so good that they should never be toasted. 

So, if you’re up for it, order like the locals do and get either an everything bagel with plain cream cheese or an onion bagel with scallion cream cheese. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try a cinnamon bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese since NYC is known for its wide array of speciality cream cheese spread. Just prepare to have a large smear of cream cheese on your bagel since, well, everything is big in New York. 

You’ll also want to have a napkin handy while you indulge since a significant amount of that cream cheese will probably spill out over the edge. 

And while there are a ton of fantastic bagel places in New York City, some of my personal faves include Absolute Bagels on the Upper West Side  Ess-A-Bagel in Midtown, Murray’s Bagels in Greenwich Village, and Russ and Daughters for a traditional bagel with lox and cream cheese on the Lower East Side. 


“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” —Unknown 

Shakshuka is the favorite breakfast dish in Israel and a Best Breakfasts Around the World

Shakshuka from Israel by Milijana of World Travel Connector 

 Tasty shakshuka is a simple, light, healthy, and vegetarian breakfast dish I hugely enjoyed on my trip to Israel. 

Shakshuka is the favorite breakfast dish in Israel, and one of the must-try foods from Israel. Israeli shakshuka is one of the most popular vegetarian, low-fat and low-carb dishes in the world. Vegetarians and omnivores across the globe equally praise Israeli shakshouka. 

Delicious shakshuka is an aromatic tomato and pepper-based dish with poached eggs on the top. The tomato and pepper sauce of shakshouka is seasoned with paprika, cumin, coriander, turmeric, onions, and chilies. 

Shakshuka is believed to originate from Northern Africa, and that Maghreb Jews brought Shakshuka to Israel. They adjusted the original recipe in Israel wishing to make shakshouka more ‘pareve’ (not meat and not dairy according to the kosher laws). So, the modified dish reached its ultimate glory in Israel. Since then, shakshuka has become one of the most loved dishes in Israel and a staple dish of Israeli cuisine. The dish is served with pita bread or challah bread in Israeli homes and Israeli restaurants daily. 

On my trip to Israel, I had shakshuka for breakfast in several restaurants across the country. But, the tastiest Shakshuka I found in cozy restaurants of the vibrant Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem. 

If traveling to Israel, please remember, tasting authentic shakshuka is a must in Israel. 

“One of the great things about being a grown up is eating cake for breakfast without having to ask for permission.” —Unknown

breakfast dishes in Kerala, a nice bowl of cold pazhankanji with curd,

Pazhankanji from Kerala, India by Athul of Our Backpack Tales

One of the most loved traditional breakfast dishes in Kerala, a nice bowl of cold Pazhankanji with curd, shallots, and green chilis is an experience by itself. Pankanji is basically prepared by adding cold water to leftover rice at night and letting it sit till the next morning.

It is eaten with water and added side dishes as breakfast and it is considered to be a highly nutritious meal. There are several hotels and cafes dedicated to serving just Panzhankanji with elaborate sides in Kerala.

One of the most popular joints where we had it is located near the Munakkal beach, one of the popular places to visit in Kodungallur and is named “Nadan Puttu Kada”. This joint serves lip-smacking non-vegetarian dishes with Panzhankanji. The best part about the place is that the food is served in earthen bowls and it seems to add an added effect to the meal.

Chicken, seafood, and beef preparations along with tapioca coconut curry are the best with Panzhankanji, but you can also go plain with just  a simple sauce of tamarind, chili powder, shallots, coconut oil, and salt.

This is one thing you will find in most households in Kerala since rice is the staple food and of course, we have excess rice every day!

“Breakfast is everything. The beginning, the first thing. It is the mouthful that is the commitment to a new day, a continuing life.”  —A. A. Gill

Beef noodle soup in Xining, China

Beef noodle soup in Xining, China by Krasen of Journey Beyond the Horizon

Let’s go deep in the heart of Asia, in the western regions of China. Here is Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, located at the northeastern edge of the Great Tibetan Plateau. The city lies on one of the Silk Road routes. Many things have crossed this route- people, goods, ideas, and also- food.

One of the specific local foods is the beef noodle soup. It has ancient Taiwanese roots, but here, in Northwest China, it was developed in rich diversity. As its name suggests, it is a hot soup that contains noodles and beef slices. But what make it really delicious are the fragrant spices added to the soup like Sichuan pepper and more. 

I can’t forget the cool mornings in Xining. The city is located at 2200 m altitude, and mornings are cool even in the middle of the summer. There are fast food stalls and small restaurants everywhere, and the fragrance fills the streets. 

Then, I enter such a small restaurant, order my hot beef noodle soup and eat it in an exotic atmosphere, where the local people – Chinese, Hui Muslims or Tibetans sit at the tables, talking about their daily things. After such a breakfast, I am always ready for journeys and adventures at the edges of the “Roof of the World”.

“We had our breakfasts–whatever happens in a house, robbery or murder, it doesn’t matter, you must have your breakfast.” —Wilkie Collins

Ackee and Saltfish at the Pelican in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Ackee and Saltfish at the Pelican in Montego Bay, Jamaica by Charmaine at Luv me Kitchen

Ackee and Saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica and is usually served for breakfast.  Common side dishes are roast breadfruit, yam, johnny cakes (fried dumplings), festivals, plantains, or callaloo. 

The dish is prepared by combining the ripened, fleshy, yellow, boiled part of the ackee with saltfish and cooking it up with tomatoes, onions, and scotch bonnet pepper. When cooked the dish resembles scrambled eggs. 

I have tried this dish with all the side dishes; however, my favorite side dishes are roast breadfruit and fried plantain.   My favorite place to have this dish is a place called Pelican bar and grill in Montego Bay. 

Most locals simply refer to this over thirty-year-old establishment as the Pelican.

“I came down as soon as I thought there was a prospect of breakfast.” ― Charlotte Brontë

Riad Irene Moroccan breakfast is a culinary highlight

Moroccan Breakfast by Martina of PlacesofJuma

 One of the most delicious breakfast experiences in the world I definitely had in Morocco. Not just once, but during my trip to Morocco I had the luck to enjoy it every day.

 Moroccan breakfast is a culinary highlight. Better known as Iftar, you taste your way through several things, it is colorful, fresh and varied. At one table, all breakfast dishes are served at once, and you take whatever you feel like.

 Beautiful is also the decoration, where the dishes in small, colorful Moroccan bowls look very appetizing and make the Moroccan breakfast also purely visually a pleasure. 

 At breakfast, people share a wide variety of things, and a few things belong on every breakfast table: there is, of course, the typical Moroccan flatbread, plus goat cheese, butter, hard-boiled eggs, various olives, fresh vegetables, beans and fresh fruit. And everything nicely packed in small bowls. Less often, but sometimes, a breakfast soup is also served.

 But Moroccan breakfast also includes sweet things! Delicious pancakes, homemade cakes and sweet pastries are the highlights here. To drink, there is usually the sweet Moroccan tea with mint or a strong coffee (with or without milk).

 Attention is also paid to health, and so there are always fresh regional fruits and also a freshly squeezed orange juice is served.

 The Moroccan breakfast you can actually find in almost every Riad in Morocco and also many restaurants offer breakfast.

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Roti Bakar in Penang, Malaysia Best Breakfasts Around the World

Roti Bakar in Penang by Marco of Penang Insider

You may think that a piece of toasted bread is not a very imaginative way to start the day, but once in Malaysia, that’s exactly what makes one of the best breakfasts in Penang .

Roti Bakar (meaning “charred bread” in Malay language) is simple, but it’s one of the most delicious things you can have to start the day. A thick slice of Bengali bread (the local white loaf) roasted over a grill with charcoal fire, and then smeared with a concoction of butter, kaya — the local coconut jam — and topped with a runny boiled egg. It’s just crunchy-soft perfection that marries perfectly well with a cup of the local kopi — long, thick and very sweet cuppas of local brews spiked up with condensed milk.

One of the best places to have roti bakar in Penang is Toh Soon cafe’, literally a cluster of chairs spilling on the kerb from an awning slung over a back alley tucked between two buildings at the western end of Campbell Street in George Town.

It’s very popular with locals because of the very traditional round metallic ovens used to grill the bread.  You won’t have a toastier breakfast in town.

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” —Robert A. Heinlein

Sri Lankan Kiribath for Best Breakfasts Around the World

Sri Lankan Kiribath by Sasha of Mog and Dog Travels

Sri Lanka has a number of delicious breakfast dishes but the tastiest and most culturally significant is kiribath or milk rice. Kiribath is a simple dish made with coconut milk and like many Sri Lankan dishes is suitable for vegans. 

Widely considered to be an essential breakfast dish, kiribath can be found in most Sri Lankan restaurants. To prepare Kiribath, pandan leaves, coconut milk and salt are cooked together with rice. Once cooled, the kiribath is transferred onto a dish where it is compressed and then cut into diamond or square-shaped blocks. The recipe might be simple, but for Sri Lankans, the presentation of kiribath is very important!

Kiribath is traditionally served with searingly spicy condiments – so do watch out if spice is not your thing. These include lunu miris – a spicy relish made from grinding together red onion, salt and lemon juice with plenty of dried red chillies. It can also be accompanied by seeni sambol which is made from caramelised onions, sugar, cardamom, lots of chilli (again!) and cloves.

Simply delicious! Both of these condiments completely complement the creamy, coconut flavour of the kiribath. 

Make sure to try Kiribath at Upali’s by Nawaloka in Colombo. It is served with a side of lunu miris and is absolutely scrumptious.

“Not eating breakfast is the worst thing you can do, that’s really the take-home message for teenage girls.” —Bruce Barton

best breakfasts around the world appam stew kerala india

​Appam and Stew in Kerala, India by Soujanya of The Spicy Journey

Kerala in India is famous for its backwaters, houseboats, beaches, the Kathakali dance form and lush landscapes among other things. However, most people overlook the incredible food scene in Kerala. The variety of breakfast food in Kerala is endless.

You could gorge on endless thin crispy South Indian pancakes called dosa and idlis served with a variety of coconut and tomato chutney and a hearty lentil stew sambar. Or you could try medu vada – a deep fried fritter made out of black lentils.

My favorite breakfast meal in Kerala was early in the morning at a hole-in-the wall authentic Kerala restaurant in Fort Kochi. I ordered appam which is another form of South Indian pancake and is super thin but soft, and not crispy like the dosa. Appam can be had with a range of condiments like chutney, sambar, duck stew, chicken curry or a veg stew.

Being a vegetarian, I had mine with a hearty and super delicious potato curry that was made using coconut oil. To top it off, the dish came with a side of Kerala-style coconut chutney and a little bowl of sambar.

I highly recommend going on a binge-eating spree at the many art cafes in Fort Kochi or better yet, discovering authentic little restaurants around town.

“The only thing I can pride myself on is making a really good breakfast.” —Freida Pinto

Best Breakfasts Around the World. Vermont breakfast includes pumpkin pancakes with local butter and maple syrup,

 Pumpkin Pancakes with local butter and maple syrup by Keri of Bon Voyage With Kids

One of our favorite spots for breakfast around the world is in the beautiful state of Vermont.  In fact, breakfast is a Vermont specialty!  Famous for its pure, delicious, and local maple syrup, as well as many farms, you can often find the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to enjoy some of the most delicious breakfasts around. 

Vermonters take food seriously, especially breakfast.  In fact, you can even dine at a restaurant called The World’s Best Breakfast at the Swiss Farm Inn in Pittsfield, Vermont, a small town not far from Killington and Sugarbush ski resorts.  Not only does this restaurant feel like you are dining in someone’s home, with mismatched coffee mugs you might find in your mom’s kitchen that you can fill with Green Mountain coffee, but the seating area also looks like a range of kitchen tables. And, you can also sit on the couches while you wait for your table to be called – talk about feeling at home! 

Plus, you can be assured of fresh, local ingredients, fresh homemade muffins, daily specials,  and delicious maple syrup on your homemade pancakes at this family-run establishment.  You can also check out Woodstock, Vermont, where the Quechee Diner is another favorite spot known for its breakfast. 

Our absolute favorite Vermont breakfast includes pumpkin pancakes with local butter and maple syrup, especially in the fall, over a weekend of leaf-peeping.  Vermont definitely has one of the best breakfasts around the world!

“Breakfast is my specialty. I admit it’s the easiest meal to cook, but I make everything with a twist, like lemon ricotta pancakes or bacon that’s baked instead of fried.”—Hugh Jackman

Breakfast in Jordan Umm Qais

Breakfast in Jordan by Mary of Calculated Traveller

The best breakfast I had while travelling was on a press trip through the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Jordan. Our little group of food and travel writers stayed in a small B&B in Umm Qais called Beit Al Baraka, specializing in immersive travel adventures.

We had a fabulous visit that included a home cooking class and dinner, olive picking/pressing and picnic lunch, basket weaving class, and a visit with a local beekeeper. I remember waking up in my comfortable bed the following day to the faint sound of the morning call to prayer being broadcast throughout the village and the tantalizing aroma of breakfast cooking.

Once washed up and dressed, I entered the dining room to a table covered in a plethora of dishes.

We all ravenously dug into the delicious dishes of locally grown olives, hummus, freshly picked cucumber and tomato, homemade yogurt, eggs, fruit, and zaatar spiced manakeesh. The plates, simple when eaten on their own, but at that moment – it was the most glorious of feasts and a memorable travel meal.

“I like breakfast-time better than any other moment in the day. No dust has settled on one’s mind then, and it presents a clear mirror to the rays of things.”  —George Eliot

best breakfast in Bali. Best Breakfasts Around the World

Breakfast in Bali by Victoria of Guide You Travel


Breakfast by the beach is one of the most exciting things to do in Bali. The island is known for its boutique restaurants and Instagram-worthy views. If you go out for an early morning surf you’ll need to fuel up afterwards. Uluwatu is not only great for surfing but also for having breakfast right by the ocean.

Balangan Paradise Restaurant is a great spot for exactly that. This beach is very popular among early-morning surfers and is known for its famous lookout point which is used for wedding photos and hobby photographers trying to get the best Instagram shot. Balangan Paradise Restaurant is a budget-friendly place with a varied menu offering both traditional Indonesian breakfast options as well as more international choices. Get a glass of juice, coffee, toast and fruit for only a few euros and the view is completely free.

The restaurant has a fantastic balcony right by the beach where you can watch the surfers and the beautiful waves. The restaurant is open even early in the morning so you can go as early as you like. It’s also rarely very crowded so you don’t have to worry about finding a seat. The staff is always friendly and you’ll always feel welcome here.

“I went to a restaurant that serves “breakfast at any time” so I ordered French toast during the Renaissance.” ― Steven Wright

Cayman Islands Bread and Chocolate Vegan Fry Up - ©The Silver Nomad

Breakfast in the Cayman Islands by Larch of The Silver Nomad

 Breakfast when you are travelling can be a bit hit or miss, so it always tastes better when you find a great one place to eat it!

Looking for a way to escape the early morning heat of the Cayman Islands, I stumbled upon Bread and Chocolate. A haven of cool with bright coloured walls, comfy seating and a vegan menu.

 On offer are a variety of tasty sounding breakfasts like gluten free chocolate chip pancakes with fresh fruit. For something savoury try the vegan breakfast tacos, stuffed with onions, peppers, tempeh which has been hickory-smoked served in a corn tortilla. 

 I have to say my favourite is the Vegan Fry Up – a vegan twist on the Full English Breakfast, that you wouldn’t know had no meat!

 A plate full of tofu scramble – firm tofu, with turmeric and onion – grilled tomato, roasted sweet and russet potato fries, sauteed mushrooms. Hickory smoked tempeh bacon and home-made baked beans round off the plate. All wash-down by perfectly brewed coffee or tea.

 Bread and Chocolate are open for breakfast and lunch from 8am to 3pm during the week. Dinner is from 5.30pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday.

They are on the corner of Dr Roy’s and Edward Street in Georgetown, Cayman Islands.

“Breakfast is always the best time for something juicy, sweet and fresh – it just feels like the right way to open the day. There’s no right way, though, when it comes to choosing the fruit.” → Yotam Ottolenghi.

Miki Damili in clay pot at Miki Damili Food House, Bayaan, Dolores. Best Breakfasts Around the World

​Miki Damili in Bayaan, Dolores, Abra, Philippines by Silverbackpacker

The Province of Abra in the north Philippines is famous for its all day breakfast called “Pancit Abra Miki”, which kind of translates to a noodle soup from Abra. The soup made from pigs head is simmered all night on an open fire with spices and natural colouring.

One place I found on my travels around Abra is a small roadside eatery in Dolores called Miki Damili, where they serve their take of the Abra Miki in a locally handmade clay pot with a clay lid. Just imagine the fantastic aroma that emerges from the Damili, (damili means clay pot in the ilocano language), when the lid is lifted. The soup is full of flavour and goodness with homemade noodles, green spring onions, egg and a serving of pork added to the serving.

Add some chilli paste, black pepper, vinegar, and/or garlic granules to suit your taste and you have a really filling breakfast at a very pocket friendly price which will set you up for the day.

“We as human beings have the amazing capacity to be reborn at breakfast every day and say, “This is an Abramazing new day.”


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