Jamie Zeppas portrayal of her life in Bhutan is written with such insight and care for the world around her, that even the most jaded world traveller would find enchantment in its pages and be captivated by her story as I certainly was. It is the story of her “coming of age ” from a  materialistic Canadian to leading a simplistic life in a far away country. She tells of her struggles to come to terms with living a new life and learning to adapt to the strange new situation she finds herself in.

Jamie Zeppa Beyond the Sky and the Earth, A Journey into Bhutan

Jamie Zeppa Beyond the Sky and the Earth, A Journey into Bhutan

I loved the first half in particular, because the picture of the village and especially her relationship with the students was really vivid and touching. Her tales of the school children in the village of Pema Gatshel are both amusing and heartwarming. This is a society where children revere their teachers. The author acknowledges that  these children have taught her a lot more than she was able to teach them.

The second half of the book reveals the troubled mind she had after falling in love with one of her students, whom she eventually marries and has his child. Jamie Zeppa also delves into the deep political unrest that is found in Bhutan and how she tried to understand events through her students.

This is a well-written, interesting book about her stay in Bhutan. If you are curious about this tiny Himalayan nation and want to travel there one day as I do, you’ll enjoy the book.

Thankyou to Shikha of  Nomadscibblings  for introducing me to this book in one of her tweets 🙂

Beyond the sky and the earth

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