I was recently invited to join a media trip to the North of the Philippines to discover what the Provinces of Cagayan, Nueva Ecija, and the Island of Palaui have to offer visitors to the region. I was very much surprised by what i discovered.
I have sifted through my fellow bloggers Instagram Feeds and have a series of three posts lined up for you. This third set of 21 Instagrams highlights some of the attractions of Cagayan
Cagayan is the last Province in North East Luzon, and  was one of the early provincias that existed during the Spanish Colonial Period. It is far enough away from Manila not to be crowded and make your trip into an adventure.
Cagayan is also the gateway to the beautiful and remote Palaui Island

I hope these photos inspire you to take the trip North this summer and discover for yourself the beauty of Cagayan and North Luzon.

cagayan map

The Lyceum of Aparri in Cagayan has quite the museum collection! #NLEXTravel #LakbayNorte6

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Visited a famous pot-making spot in Iguig, Cagayan! #NLEXTravel #LakbayNorte6

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Made a stop at the beautiful church at the Lyceum of Aparri. #NLEXTravel #LakbayNorte6

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How to Get to Cagayan

By Bus Take a Victory Liner from Manila to Tuguegarao and then local transport to your destinations

By Air  Fly to Tuguegarao and then use local transport


Cagayan Further Reading

Cagayan on Wikipedia

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Palawan in 21 Instagrams

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