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Guide to Climbing Mt Bullagao


Mt Bullagao or “The Sleeping Beauty” as the mountain is affectionately known locally, can be seen from many points in Abra and dominates the western skyline in Bangued.
Everytime i walk down the street I am faced with this view of the Sleeping Beauty. I have been staring at the outline of her hair, head and breast and wondering if I would ever be able to climb to the Summit.  Mt Bullagao seemed so close yet so far.

After consulting with George Lalin, Tourism Consultant to the Congressman, and founding member of the Abramazing group, a date was set for the climb. Logistics were made for a smooth and trouble free climb.


View of Mt Bullagao from Calaba, Bangued, Abra

After a tricycle ride from Bangued via Calaba and San Antonio our small group arrived at the Municipal Hall of Langiden where we registered with the local police, whilst waiting for our habal habal (backriding a motorbike) to transport us along the river bed to Barangay Malapaao, our starting point for the climb.

We met up with our Guides, Artemio and Marlon, at the Barangay Hall and after an early lunch set out on the first leg of the hike, crossing the river and trekking up to the rice fields. This was a gentle warm up before we began the actual climb up to the campsite at 586masl.
It took us an hour of climbing to reach the first water source, a small spring, where we refreshed ourselves, had a snack and refilled our bottles for the second leg up to the campsite where we would spend the night.


The Trail

The trail is a pleasant, but steep in places climb, which passes through several levels of old abandoned rice terraces that have been replanted with a bamboo forest providing plenty of shade before opening up to some stunning views of Malapaao, Bangued and the Abra River flood plain far below.

From the Campsite to the Summit, the trail is steep with loose soil and stones in places that make it slightly hazardous before it enters a cool green forested area where wild boar, monkeys, deer and native chicken roam wild. Our knowledgeable and experienced guides, educated us by pointing out the tell tale signs of footprints, disturbed ground and calls of the various fauna along the way. 



Ilocos Sur Coastline from Mt Bullagao , Abra

Mt Bullagao Summit

Coming out of the green forest we are suddenly at the Summit covered in solar panels and communication equipment. The views are extremely limited here but there are some trees a few metres below, where you could hang a hammock if you decided to spend the night at the Summit.

After taking the obligatory Summit photos we hiked about ten minutes to the South Summit where there is a 180 degree view over Abra and the Ilocos Sur coastline in the distance.

There is also a trail from here leading back to the campsite 400 metres below but since we did not need to return to the campsite we didn’t try it out and instead descended along the same trail we climbed earlier. It took us four and a half hours to reach the Barangay 1048 metres below and a well deserved ice cold coke.

Abra River view of Mt Bullagao

Mt Bullagao Coordinates

Mt Bullagao Summit 1119masl  17°38’ 16.12’’ N, 120°31’ 04.04’’E

Brgy Malapaao JOP  71masl  17°37’ 34.77’’ N, 120°33’ 08.21’’E
Start of Climb 243masl  17°37’ 49.32’’ N, 120°32’ 07.8’’E
Campsite  586masl  17°37’ 48.45’’ N, 120°31’ 24.24’’E

Mt Bullagao Water Sources

Spring 314masl  17°37’ 47.85’’ N, 120°31’ 53.47’’E
Near Campsite 598masl 17°37’ 55.18’’ N, 120°31’ 23.05’’E

Advised to carry 2L of water/pax

How much will it cost?

  • P50 Brgy Fee
  • P1000 per guide for a two day climb
  • P150 each way/pax Habal Habal from Langiden to Brgy Malapaao
  • Minimum of two guides is compulsory for safety reasons
  • Maximum persons per group is ten (Guide ratio 1:5 )
Mt Bullagao ,Abra, Philippines descending the steep trail
View of Mt Bullagao from Malapaao Elementary School
Climbing Mt Bullagao
Sunset at Mt Bullagao campsite
Solar Panel at Mt Bullagao Summit


Essential Travel Guides

Mt Bullagao

How to Book Your Mt.Bullagao Climb

The best way to book your Mt. Bullagao climb and other tours around Abra is with the Abramazing Tours. They are the local experts on Everything Abra.

Contact  Abramazing Tours Facebook page

 How to travel to Abra from Manila Read Here


 How to Travel from Bangued to Langiden

There are two routes going to the Jump Off Point in Brgy Malapaao

1. Jeepney Via Calaba, San Antonio, Quillat, Pob Langiden.
The Jeepney leaves Prytons Terminal at 12 noon and takes about 3 hours.
Fare is P90/pax

2. Via Suyo, Pidigan Take a bus or jeepney bpound for Ilocos Sur.
Alight at Pamutic and take a tricycle P20 to the Abra River
Ride the ferry/bamboo raft across the Abra River P10
Then ride a tricycle to Pob Langiden depending on how far the river is away

From Pob. Langiden ride a habal habal to Brgy Malapaao for P150/pax

Going home you can ride a habal habal to Pob Langiden P150/pax
Cross the river on a raft for P10/pax.
Tricycle from the river to the Pamutic highway is P20/pax.
Then go left to Bangued by bus, Jeepney or Tricycle.
Go right, you go out of Abra towards Narvacan by any conveyance.


Where to Stay in Bangued – Strutz Art Garden Resort

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Mt Bullagao, Langiden, Abra. also known as The Sleeping Beauty. Climb Abra
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