I first visited the Philippines in 2001 staying with my good friend Martin and his Filipina wife Lyn. On one of our trips out we called in at DJC’s place in Tiwi, Albay for a Halo Halo. I dont remember exactly the taste then but i was hooked……. every chance i had to eat a Halo Halo i took but none were as good as that one in Tiwi.

djc halo halo tiwi 2001

with Helen outside DJC Tiwi in 2001

Moving on ten years to 2011…. my second visit to the Philippines and all i wanted was to taste another Halo Halo. It turned out that over the years DJC’s had become popular in and around Albay and had opened branches in Legaspi and Tabaco as well as modernising their flagship branch in Tiwi.

Outside DJC Halo Halo Tiwi in 2011

Outside DJC Halo Halo Tiwi in 2011

Over the course of the 7 weeks i stayed in Tabaco i think i must have eaten one of DJC’s Halo Halos at least 5 times a week…………

So what makes this Halo Halo so tasty and different from other inferior Halo2??

DJC Halo halo

Halo Halo from DJC Tabaco

Well first of all they use coconut juice and not water to make the ice. Then sago,super creamy lecheflan, milk, ube and sweetened banana are added along with pieces of macapuno  and gelatin. All this is topped of with some salty grated cheese which creates the perfect taste of savory and sweet in the mouth.

Outside DJC Halo halo Tabaco

Outside DJC Halo halo Tabaco

So next time you are in Albay make sure you drop into one of the DJC branches for the best tasting Halo Halo ever.

DJC halo halo tabaco

Enjoying DJC Halo Halo in Tabaco

I have tasted many other Halo Halo in my travels around the Philippines including those offered by Chowking and others and in my opinion none are  able to match the quality of DJC halo halo.

**** Update**** May 2013 I have just come across the hashtag #searchforthebesthalohalo on twitter so am tagging this post to it.



DJC halohalo Albay, Philippines


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