I was first introduced to the Hammock when I hitchhiked through Mexico in 1980. Everywhere we went backpackers were carrying hammocks. Mexicans slept in hammocks. So we bought one too.

Homestays didn’t have beds in the rooms but there were large metal hooks protruding from the walls where we were expected to hang our own hammocks. So thats what we did after playing tennis with the cockroaches using our shoes as rackets.

Now after many years of travelling and backpacking I have found that having the option to hang your own bed anywhere is a real benefit. Just imagine arriving somewhere and just having to find two coconut palms, trees or a couple of poles and being able to hang your hammock and sleep. Even at an airport while waiting for an early morning flight I have hung my hammock.

Hammock by river Malamputi

Relaxing in hammock by the river at Malumputi Spring Antique

Then there are the times you are out hiking and find a river to rest by, or climbing a mountain and need an hours rest, you can easily maske yourself comfortable by hanging your hammock.

Enjoying a good read in the hammock by hammock republic

Enjoying a good read in the hammock

Since I bought my first hammock times have changed and the materials used are much better, stronger and with attractive designs on them. When I was in the Philippines a couple of years ago i discovered Hammock Republic, which is owned by travel blogger JourneyingJames. He used his hammock extensively during his 100 day journey around all 81 provinces of the Philippines. It also enabled him to slash his accommodation costs and save him a huge  amount of money.

sleeping in hammock at NAIA Terminal 3

Early morning flight? Then hang up your hammock and sleep comfortably at the airport.

He soon realised that there was a demand for hammocks and founded Hammock Republic. I bought one and have carried it everywhere since. They are well made, weigh around a kilo and can hold up to two adults or up to 150kg, easily hung and come with a small pocket for placing your valuables in while sleeping. You can even zip yourself into the hammock as though it was a sleeping bag.

Fully Zipped into the hammock

Fully Zipped into the hammock

I have even used it in cold climates with a sleeping bag. This way you are not sleeping on the ground. As long as you can find a couple of trees on which to hang it you will sleep well.

The latest design is called a Duo-yan, which doubles as a travel pillow for use on buses, trains, planes and even boats or ferries. Best of all it will save you room and weight in your baggage if you wear it while checking in.

What i like most of all are the numerous cloth patterns and colours they offer. Such a variety that each hammock is almost unique.

Examples from Hammock Republic Facebook Page

Examples from Hammock Republic Facebook Page

If you are in the Philippines the price is P1100 including postage to anywhere in the Philippines. For international delivery it would be best to get in touch with Hammock Republic.

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Read about JourneyingJames travels with his hammock


hammock republic in garden in england

Relaxing in my garden in England on a summers day

P.S.  I am not affiliated with Hammock Republic or JourneyingJames. I believe in promoting excellent products or services i have used personally.  If you’re interested in his products, please contact him directly. I have included links to his website and Hammock Republic FB Page for your benefit.


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