I was hungry, it was late, it was Chinese New Year Holidays and i needed to find somewhere to eat before the town shut down for the night. Walking around the dusty,deserted town centre of Gemas I passed by a couple a packed Chinese eateries with no obvious tables spare for a hungry traveller.


Restaurant Anika Gemas

Restaurant Anika Gemas

Down the road i walked past shuttered shops and there on the bottom corner was Restaurant Anika. The owner on seeing me hopefully called out “come in and eat” and since there was room at a table i accepted his invitation, and i must say that it was a very good decision.

Malaysian Surprise at Anika's Gemas

My Malaysian Surprise at Anika’s Gemas

The owner was very friendly and as he wanted to practice his English sat down with me and we talked for a while. Looking at the  menu  i didn’t recognise any of the dishes available so just told him to surprise me with a couple Malaysian dishes.

Dinner at Restaurant Anika in Gemas

Dinner at Anika’s Restaurant in Gemas

After a few minutes he served up his creations. Stir fry vegetables, omlette, and fried rice with chilli chicken and a side salad. All very tasty and the presentation was excellent.

Restaurant Anika Gemas Stir fry vegetables

Restaurant Anika Gemas Stir fry vegetables


The following morning i decided to return for breakfast. Anika was happy to see me and served up a tasty breakfast of fired rice, eggs and vegetables.

If you need a place to eat when you have time to spare in Gemas then Restaurant Anika comes highly recommended. Very clean and tasty food which is freshly cooked to order.


How to get there from train station

Gemas is not very big and Restaurant Anika can be easily found.

Come out of the Station and turn right. Follow the road down to the end of the row of shops and Anikas is situated right on the corner. It takes about 5 minutes to walk it.







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