How to Bring Home With You When You Travel Abroad

Bring a little piece of home wherever you go

How to Bring Home With You When You Travel Abroad 

If you’re already planning your post-COVID travels, chances are you’ve put together a checklist of no-brainer essentials that you won’t get far without – important documents, vital weather-appropriate clothing and guidebooks are just a few of the items likely to appear on your list. 

And of course, your travel essentials list needs its, well, essentials. But every traveller should also strive to bring a little piece of home wherever they go, especially when planning a longer voyage.

These additions can take make forms – you might not be able to take the weather with you when you go (and depending on where you’re from, you might not want to), but thankfully there are plenty of alternatives you can with you to make the most of your experiences while keeping your connection to home wherever you are in the world.

Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter preparing for your next adventure, or a nomadic newbie looking to break the mould with the trip of a lifetime, this list will inspire you to bring home with you wherever you go in the world. 

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You’ll inevitably bring a few souvenirs back from your journey abroad – whether that includes picturesque postcards, novelty bottle openers or commemorative fridge magnets, there’s no end to the mediocrity of bad souvenirs from beautiful places

But as much as we all love to bring these treasured pieces of junk home to remember our adventures by, travellers looking at a longer escape might benefit from taking a few sentimental additions of their own with them on their voyages.

Of course, mobile phones allow us to carry all our photos with us nowadays, but physical souvenirs and mementos of loved ones can provide the reassurance in unfamiliar moments that even the most experienced traveller sometimes needs. 

Anglia Ruskin University Online Courses. How to Bring Home With You When You Travel Abroad


Education and travel, though two seemingly mutually exclusive pursuits, are common life goals for many, but they’re also the goals that tend to require us to put everything else on hold. 

However, it is possible to have both with a little flexibility. ARU Distance Learning offers courses that take place entirely online and fit around your daily life, full time job and any travel ambitions you have. This is ideal for anyone looking to spend an extended period of time away, as it allows you to realise your dreams of seeing the world and return home fully equipped for your dream job. 

Distance learning keeps you connected not only to home, but to your future aspirations. 

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As you travel the world forming new friendships, you’ll discover incredible things about the places you visit – and yourself.

And just as your newfound friends will open the door to many new experiences, you too can introduce them to the customs of your homeland. 

Whether that means sharing recipes, habits or family traditions, embrace the differences between your old life and your new one, and share the highlights of home with those around you, as well as learning from those you are with. 

These are our tips for bringing home with you wherever you go in the world and building bridges in the process. 

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How to Bring Home
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How to Bring Home With You When You Travel Abroad

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