We  travellers, backpackers, nomads or even tourists these days carry many electronic gadgets with us when we travel. Laptops, Mobile phones, cameras, tablets, external hard discs to name a few are carried with us wherever we go at home or abroad. These items are expensive and we rely on them so much during our wanderings. In a sense we never really leave home or family as we are able to be in instant contact with them almost 24/7.

Using unsecured wifi in Phnom Phen

Using unsecured wifi in Phnom Phen

So with our dependency on all these gadgets do we really take good enough care of them. I know that some of my items are just squeezed into a pocket somewhere on my backpack but so far i have been lucky enough not to have had any misfortune. So what ways are there to take more care and make sure that these valuable gadgets stay in good condition through our endurances.

Cameras-Electronic Gadgets

Take good care of your cameras

First of all when flying and if you have some check-in luggage make sure that your electronic gadgets stay with you in your carry on bag. This avoids actually losing them if your baggage gets mislaid, and also that they don’t receive any knocks from being thrown about by the baggage handlers. You should also make sure that any cables, batteries, chargers etc stay with you too. This tip also applies if you are travelling by bus, taxi or any other mode of transport where you may be separated from your main bag.

  1. Use a protective laptop sleeve to protect against knocks and bumps. They don’t weigh much, cost only a few dollars and can save you alot of worry.
  2. If you have a small camera then maybe think about buying a pouch that slides onto your trouser belt. It not only saves room in your bag but your camera is instantly available if you suddenly come across a subject that you would like to photograph. Other small items may also be carried in belt pouches too, like rechargeable batteries, ear phones and digital music players.
  3. Be prepared for rain !!!!!  Good quality plastic bags are cheap to buy and light to carry. Use them to cover your gadgets when the going becomes wet. Not only in rainy conditions but when travelling on water. The spray from the sea will soon ruin your electronic gadgets if given a chance.
  4. Use plastic screen protectors for your cameras and phones to save them from becoming scratched and full of fingerprints. There is nothing worse than looking at a scratched or dirty viewfinder or mobile screen.
  5. Make sure your laptop has  up to date anti virus and anti malware software installed. We all use the free wifi hotspots when travelling and need to remember that most of them are not secure.


Are there any other gadgets you carry around?  

What other tips can you give us to keep our electronic gadgets safe on the road??


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