Kaparkan Falls, Abra

Kaparkan Falls, Abra – A Short Story by George Anthony Lalin

Long before the Ifugaos built their rice terraces, unknown to mankind, Kabunian already created this piece of natural architecture. But He made sure this paradise was hidden, hidden from the prying eyes of men and their destructive instincts. So He decided to put it somewhere up in the North Cordilleras.

He placed big trees in it so the birds in the sky could not see. Gallant warriors as they were, He assigned the Tingguians of Abra to protect this masterpiece; mountain high terraces of clear blue waters cascading down towards the Tineg River, that is KAPARKAN FALLS!

Kaparkan Falls, Abra lower level terraces

It is approximately a thousand-meter high terraced water falls. It consists of numerous infinity of pools in different sizes and depths; from the highest down to the bottom – with the last just before the water drops into the river, as if they were made to fall in line from the smallest and shallowest, to the biggest and deepest.

Kaparkan Falls, Abra upper level terraces

On top is a one-foot diameter spring that supplies water to these pools. Once they are over-filled, the excess water forms the most mesmerizing cascades ever. Rainfalls boost the main spring’s supply and the seasonal springs nearby, that make the falls an even more enchanting site. It has also diverse flora and fauna. Big trees, vines, orchids and ferns are abundant in and around the area. A big Balete tree also stands tall and proud in the centre.


Kaparkan Spring Source

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A terrace at the middle serves as a part of the trail of the natives of Caganayan, Tineg. Though there is already an existing road to Caganayan via Sitio Vira, Alaoa, the locals still traverse this path for a short-cut to the towns of San Juan and Lagayan.

A trek from Kaparkan Falls, Abra to the roads of Alimusgan, San Juan or Ba-i, Lagayan will take three (3) hours for them. This is actually a 10-kilometer unpaved and un-gravelled road that returns back to a muddy and slippery trail during the rainy season because of vegetation and disturbance of the road grade-line.

Karpakan Falls, Abra. Balete Tree

Being a seasonal falls, getting to Kaparkan Falls, Abra to see its best look is a little bit rugged and bumpy. From Bangued, the capital town of Abra, you can hop on a dirt bike or board a Monster Jeepney for that 45-kilometer trip.

You can also ride aboard any conveyance until the Alimusgan Junction then trek that 10-kilometer trail for five (5) hours, one way. But it’s worth the effort anyway.

Along the muddy trail to Kaparkan Falls, Abra

KAPARKAN FALLS, ABRA is a raw natural wonder. It is best to come when the monsoon rains start to fall from July onwards till October. As of now, there is limited transportation available because of the terrain.

How to get to Kaparkan Falls, Abra

Abramazing Tours has regular weekend trips to the Falls during the rainy season. You will need to book your place on one of the Jeepneys.
Weekday trips can also be arranged.

The Jeepneys leave from the DPWH Compound in Zone 7.

There is plenty of parking space for those who arrive in vans.

If you arrive in Bangued by bus then take a tricycle to the DPWH Compound. Fare is P20 pax

To reserve a place on the Jeepney contact Dykath Molina on 092 777 258 56  or on Facebook 

What to take to Kaparkan Falls

Here’s a short checklist of what you’ll need for the day.

Dry Bag, Cameras, Spare batteries, Waterproof clothing if you topload the jeepney, Food for lunch, 2L Water, Bag for your trash.

Don’t forget that whatever you take make sure to bring it back with you. Leave No Trace

George Anthony Lalin

George Anthony Lalin

George is the Tourism Coordinator to the Congressman.
Born and raised in Abra, George is very passionate about the Province.   He is one of the founding members of the #Abramazing group.
When not engaged in promoting the Province of Abra to the outside world he can be found riding his trail bike on some dusty or muddy track.

Kaparkan Falls, Abra, Philippines

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