Where is Lagangilang

Lagangilang is located 19km East of Bangued at  17°37′N 120°44′E in the Province of Abra. The town makes for a good day out since it is quite close to Bangued and has a frequent jeepney service. You could also combine Lagangilang with a tour of Tayum making it into a full days itinerary. 

History of Lagangilang

According to legend, Lagangilang derived its name from combining the words ‘ilang-ilang” and “lagam”. Ilang-ilang, predominant in the municipality, is a tree whose flowers emit a distinctively sweet scent especially at night. Lagam, meaning bravery, is the name of a famous Tinguian leader who once ruled and defended the original Tinguian village of Lagangilang along the eastern bank of the Abra River from adversaries.(

Lagangilang is subdivided into 17 Barangays: Aguet, Bacooc, Balais, Cayapa, Dalaguisan, Laguiben, Lagben, Laang, Nagtupacan, Nagtipulan, Pawa, Presentar, Tagodtod, Taping, Poblacion, Paganao, and San Isidro.

Seal of Lagangilang

Lagangilang Seal Symbolism

Carabao Head – Symbolizes a beast of burden. The Carabao is the National Animal of the Philippines.
Hill –  Represents the terrain of the municipality suitable for agro-livestock forestry.
Rice Paddies –  Means extensive farmlands.
River –  Stands for life, usually tapped for irrigation needs and water supply for farm animals.
Rice –  Represents the staple crop of the municipality.
Trees –  Symbolizes the eco-system.

Holy Cross Parish Church, Lagangilang

Holy Cross Church, Lagangilang

In Lagangilang, the church is not situated beside the town plaza and Municipal Hall, as are most other churches in the Philippines.
The Church of the Holy Cross is located in Barangay Laang, which is a ten minute walk from the Plaza.

The Church built of red bricks was started in 1914 and finished in 1916. The Bell Tower was finished in 1931 and was renovated in 2010 with steel supports inserted to hang the Bells on.

The only parts of the original church remaining are the Bell Tower and the Apse. The original portal in the Bell Tower is now closed and a new entrance was made in the “new” centre portion of the church building.

Even with the concrete based reconstruction of the centre part, the Church remains a beautiful building in its own right. An ugly covered basketball court has been built in the adjoining school grounds and a covered walkway from the Parish Office have somewhat reduced the asthetics of the church though.

Outside the Parish Office on the left is a Relief Map of Abra showing the location of every church in the Province, including Parish Churches and Barangay Chapels, 




Lagangilang. Holy Cross Church. Red brick detail on outside of Apse
Relief Map of Abra at Holy Cross Church, Lagangilang
Apse of Holy Cross Church, Lagangilang

Lagangilang’s American Era

Lagangilang benefited enourmously during the American Colonial Era with its school, church and numerous houses being built.One can still see American era structures in the Poblacion of Lagangilang.

One of the houses that lines the main road was built in 1933, the date can be seen on its balcony roof. The house opposite was built in 1926. A few other American Era houses stand out along the road. Its a pity that no-one is looking after them and preserving the Heritage of the town.


1933 American Era House in Lagangilang
Lagangilang 1926 American Era House

The Abra Institute of Science and Technology, Lagangilang

An important institution that helped shape the municipality is the 82 year old school established in 1908 during the American regime by an American named Amos E. Allen. The Americans took turn in its administration until 1917, when the first Filipino administrator, Jose Reyna, took over. The school became an agricultural college on June 6,1966, by virtue of Republic Act No. 4647. During World War II, the school served as the seat of the military government of Abra.

Inside the Campus are many old buildings, which are again in a poor state of repair and urgently need some restoration work doing to them. 
Wandering around we found our way down to the Hanging Bridge, which crosses a fast flowing river, funded by donations from the “Batch of 1968”. On the other side are the coffee and Cacao growing areas.
In fact its interesting to see what each Batch left as a Legacy to the School.
My favourite was the Carabao statue at the entrance to the main building.

There’s also an Ecopark in the Campus but we didnt get a chance to explore it as we ran out of time.

Legacy of Class of 1930, ASIST, Lagangilang
Hanging Bridge in ASIST Campus, Lagangilang
American Era House inside ASIST campus,Lagangilang




Essential Travel Guides


How to travel to Abra from Manila

By Bus

  • From Metro Manila, there are three bus companies operating along the Manila to Bangued route.
    Partas Bus Company, Viron Transit and Dominion Bus Lines.
  • Journey time is around 10 hours
  • Fare at time of writing is P600

Bus Companies that link Bangued with other destinations are 

Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Partas Bus Company
Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Dominion Bus Lines
Bangued to Manila, Baguio – Philippine Rabbit
Bangued to Baguio – Sambrano Bus Lines
Bangued to Manila – Viron Transit
Bangued to Vigan, Tuguegarao – Esonice Bus Lines
Bangued to Baguio, Vigan, Laoag – BBL Transit

By Air
There are no airports in Abra.

  • Cebu Pacific has daily flights to Laoag.
  • From Laoag take a bus to Vigan and change there for a bus to Bangued

Jeepney from Bangued to Lagangilang

Once you arrive in Bangued, take a tricycle to the jeepney terminal opposite the DPWH Compound.
Jeepneys leave for Lagangilang once an hour. 

The trip takes around 30 to 40 minutes and the fare is P35.

Return trip to Bangued – The Jeepney departs once an hour from infront of Holy Cross Church in Brgy Laang and picks up passengers along the route

Jeepneys also leave the DPWH terminal for Dolores and San Juan

 By Car or Motorbike

Leave Bangued on the road to Tayum. Drive through Tayum and across the Don Mariano Bridge. Keep going until you come to a large Blue waiting shed in the middle of the junction.
Follow the road to the right and continue until you reach Lagangilang.


Lagangilang, Abra. A day trip from Bangued. Discover Abra

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