Nida's Special Bibingka

The Best Bibingka from Abra

What You Need to Know

Large Tray P200
Half Tray   P100

Keeps for 5 days in a cool place
Keeps for one month if refrigerated

Nida’s Special Bibingka

Nida took over the Bibingka (Rice Cake) business of her aging Aunt in 2010, who used to bake the Bibingka for special occasions like Birthdays, Fiestas, Weddings and any other time that people would want something special to put on the table. 

A wood fired, brick oven similar to her Aunts, but much bigger, was built behind the family house in North Poblacion, La Paz and Nida started baking. Her Aunt’s recipe was tweeked and improved until Nida ended up with the recipe that she uses today. Everyday, Nida and her husband rise early to fire up the oven and prepare the days orders.
The oven can hold 7.5kg of Bibingka in one baking and is also big enough to be used for roasting Lechon, (suckling pig) 

I went along early one morning to find out exactly what went into preparing and baking such a delicious rice cake known as Bibingka

La Paz Trivia – The streets in Poblacion, La Paz are named after Ilocano varieties of Rice. 





Baking Time

3 to 4 Hours in a wood fired oven

preparing-the-coconut-milk for bibingka

Step 1

First the coconut milk and shreds need to be prepared.
The whole coconut is cracked with one clean hit from a bolo, the water saved for drinking, and the flesh grated.
The Finely grated coconut is mixed with warm water and left to soak for a while. Then it is squeezed to extract the coconut milk. 
The coconut shreds are prepared by using a special tool to scrape the flesh from the inside of the shell.

shredded coconut for bibingka

Step 2

Prepare the baking trays, line them with aluminium foil and then Mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl.
Add the strips of shredded coconut and mix well.

Ingredients to make bibingka

Step 3

When the ingredients are well mixed, the mixture is divided equally between the trays. A specially prepared caramel topping is sprinkled over the mixture before the trays are placed in the wood fired oven.

ovens ready,mix is ready bibingka needs baking
special bibingka topping

Step 4

The Bibingka needs constant attention whilst in the oven. The trays need to be rotated with the help of a long pole, similar to those used in pizza ovens, and the fire needs to be tended every now and then.
After three to four hours you begin to smell that lovely aroma of fresh baking, and that is the sign that the rice cakes are nearly ready.

Once it is out from the oven, the Bibingka is cut into squares and sprinkled with grated cheese. Now is the time to taste.

Nida’s Special Bibingka has a nice crunchy caramel top, a soft centre which is not too sweet and the buttery flavour combined with the soft chewy coconut strands just adds to the overall composition. 
For more enjoyment pair with a cup of  brewed coffee (preferably the local Abra Daguioman beans) 

If you are coming to Abra for your weekend break, or just passing through, be sure to order ahead and Nida will hae your Bibingka waiting for you. Details of how to order are set out below.

Enjoy !!!!

bibingka in wood fired oven
baked and ready to eat bibingka


Come on In & Treat Yourself


08.00 – 17.00


08.00 – 17.00

Collect or Deliver

Can be Delivered locally to Bangued for small extra charge

To Order Contact

Nida Jimenez


0915 7511 830


Binalasang Street,
North Poblacion
La Paz,

Nidas Special Bibingka, La Paz, Abra, Philippines

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