The Three Roles of Travel Bloggers


Ryan Biddulph talks about the skills and roles that travel bloggers need for success

The Three Roles of Travel Bloggers

Before you became a travel blogger I bet you someone said: “You love travel…..why not get paid for circling the globe as a travel blogger?”

Now that you are a travel blogger, you realize this suggestion is similar to saying: “You enjoy caring for sick family members…..why not get paid for doing so and become a doctor.”

Being a professional in any business endeavor requires a full time, years long commitment to learning, practicing and mastering specific skills.

Travel blogging requires 3 clear, definite roles to fulfill in order to succeed. 

Some travelers foolishly believe we travel bloggers make money simply by seeing some place, throwing together 600 words, publishing a post and counting that sweet sponsored post revenue.


Travel blogging is a skill that has almost nothing to do with visiting a location, hustling through and moving on. The “rest of the story” – as Paul Harvey said – creates quite the eye-opening, deer in the headlights experience for new travel bloggers.

In order to make money through your travel blog you better master these 3 separate skills within the core skill of being a professional travel blogger.

Three Roles of Travel Bloggers Observer

1: Travel Observer and Recorder

I can write a post in New Jersey right now recounting the top vegan restaurants in Ubud, Bali. I developed my observer and recorder skills to such levels that I recall the most intimate details on demand. But before being an observer I recorded mental and actual physical notes to fuel the content I publish on my blog.

Creating compelling, valuable, helpful travel blogging content goads you to become super skilled at observing all details that casual travelers miss. This is a tough one to develop guys because most humans trudge through their travels – and day – mindlessly.

Become a travel blogging detective. Note details. Observe smells. Grab a pen and pad or record to your phone. Allow your readers to step into any location around the globe by immersing yourself into your travels.

Especially if you are on a tight schedule, you better become a skilled observer. Otherwise, you cannot create valued, inspiring content that grows your following.

Three Roles of Travel Bloggers blogger

2: Be a Blogger

Bloggers write, network and skillfully convey a brand message to their followings.

Most travelers who become travel bloggers have zero experience or skills in these disciplines. 10 years ago I wrote like…..well…..I shall spare you the gory details. Today I write with clarity and confidence after spending 40,000 hours blogging.

Practice makes better. Blogging is fun, freeing and highly uncomfortable sometimes because you need to learn and practice how to create posts, how to network and how to persist during lean times.

Follow top blogging tips bloggers. Learn from these pros. Invest in their offerings. 

Put proven blogging advice into action persistently. Practice. Good things – including travel blogging success – take time.

Three Roles of Travel Bloggers entrepreneur

3: Be an Entrepreneur

The final frontier for travel bloggers!

Most travel bloggers think like amateurs who have no goals of monetizing their blogs. Professional travel bloggers think like entrepreneurs, slowly and steadily adding income streams to their arsenal to make money.

Most travel bloggers – like most humans – cling to limiting beliefs and fears concerning money. Not good. If you resist receiving money you will do stuff ensuring you do not receive money. 

Think like an entrepreneur. Travel blogging is a business. This ain’t a not for profit deal. Slowly add income streams and trust in the process. Get clear on receiving money. Be comfortable with earning income through your blog to better make money and to position yourself to be a full time blogger.

Travel blogging is a fun, freeing way to build a lasting, beneficial business that changes many lives….including your own.

Have fun. Relax. Trust in the process. Ride out uncomfortable bumps.

You are well on your way to expanding your travel blogging success.


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Three roles and skills of travel bloggers by Ryan Biddulph
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