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Where to Eat in and Around Bangued, Abra

Pancit Miki. Abramazing Goodness in a Bowl

What is Pancit Miki

After the long overnight bus or van ride to Abra the first thing you need is a good Abrenian breakfast. Pancit Miki is the Abrenians breakfast of choice and is unique to the province. Unlike the dry pancit found in most places in the Philippines, the Abra version is a soup based one.

Homemade noodles are boiled in a pork broth, and served with a hard boiled egg (I usually have two ), topped with chicharon, bits of chopped pork and garnished with fresh green spring onion. Add some chilli paste and/or vinegar and you have a nourishing and filling breakfast, that will keep you going until lunchtime.

The red/orange colour of Pancit Miki comes from Annato seeds, also known as Asuete which is used as a natural food colouring in many parts of the world. Each panciteria makes its own noodles. There are wide flat ones, thick round ones, and narrow flat ones. Each panciteria also has its own recipe, so no two Pancit Mikis will ever taste or look the same Panciterias open early every morning and begin to serve Pancit Miki usually between 05.00 and 05.30.

The traditional ones still use a wood burner to cook the broth. Piles of chopped wood can be seen outside, and an open fire on the inside. These establishments are very popular and one of them has a “when its gone its gone” policy, which means they often close shop at around 11.00.

Where to eat Pancit Miki

So where are these Panciterias?  Lets go find out…………………… Listed in no particular order are ones that I have personally eaten in. Five in Bangued, One in La Paz a few minutes the other side of Calaba Bridge and One in Dolores over the Don Mariano Marcos bridge. Let me know in the comments below which Pancit Miki you have tried  and which was your favourite 🙂

Corner of Ilocos Norte – Abra Rd and Actividad St. Bangued

Acostas Pancitan

Acostas Panciteria is one of the most popular in town sometimes with what seems like a long queue. Don’t be put off though, take your bowl and cutlery and join the multitudes who come here for one of the best Pancit Miki that Bangued has to offer.

A wood burning open fire cooker adds to the atmosphere.

For P51 you can have two hard boiled eggs, crispy chicharon, unli spring onions and your bowl topped up with homemade noodles and soup. Add some chilli paste or vinegar to suit your taste.

Pancit Miki from Acostas Panciteria
Wood burning fire for cooking Pancit Miki at Acostas Bangued

Poblacion La Paz. Near the “Triangle” on Bangued – Lagayan Road

3Ms Panciteria

3Ms Panciteria in Poblacion La Paz opened in late 2018 and has already made a big impression on me.
Easily found on the main road into Pob. La Paz, the bamboo framed Panciteria and wooden tables provide an ambient setting.
3Ms Panciteria makes its own noodles and serves them fresh, not dried and then boiled. The soup is cooked on a wood fire and generous portions of meat and noodles added to your order.
Dried garlic granules as well as other condiments are available to suit your taste.

3Ms Panciteria is well worth the drive out of Bangued  to La Paz for a taste of its fresh noodle Pancit Miki. Prices start at P25.


Pancit Miki 3Ms Panciteria, Pob. La Paz, Abra, Philippines
Pancit Miki, 3Ms Panciteria, Pob. La Paz, Abra, Philippines

Taft Avenue, Bangued

Six Cousins

From the outside you would never guess that part of Bangued’s lost heritage has been turned into a Panciteria. Once you pass the ugly exterior, the beautiful red brick remains of an old Spanish Era building welcome you.

Luckily someone has had the foresight to utilise what remains and turn it into a business premises, even though the maintenance is neglected. 
Just imagine what Bangued could be like if someone in authority cared enough to renovate and maintain these treasures that will soon be lost forever.

As you sit here and enjoy your Six Cousins Pancit Miki, let your mind wander and imagine the history that could be told if these walls could speak.

***Update  This building was demolished in early 2019 and an important part of Bangued’s Heritage has now been lost.
*** Six Cousins Panciteria has now relocated and is under the same management but now known as Buenafe’s Panciteria.


Spanish Red Brick Heritage Six Cousins Panciteria
Pancit Miki Six Cousins Panciteria

Patucannay, Bangued


Domengs (or Balderas as it is also known)  Panciteria is quite hard to find. It is tucked away in Brgy Patucannay in what looks like an ordinary house.
Venture inside the gate though and you will find it full of people enjoying some Pancit Miki for their breakfast.

You need to be an early bird if you want to try Domengs fare, as they only make a limited quantity of noodles everyday and once they are gone, they are gone – usually around 11.00.

Most tricycle drivers know how to get here

Where to Stay in Bangued – Abrassi Hotel

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Domengs Pancit Miki , Patucannay, Bangued
Domengs Pancit Miki , Patucannay, Bangued

Ilocos Norte – Abra Rd. Bangued


Just across the busy main road from the Mormon Church is Putar Panciteria. Walk down the slope and into a large space, pick up your bowl and cutlery, join the queue and wait to be served.

Putar Panciteria is very popular with school children and tricycle drivers.



Putar Pancitan

Acosta St. Bangued


Situated in Acosta Street , Mhikimoto has many tables set in warehouse like surroundings to cater to the students of a nearby school. The prices are budget friendly.
Their Pancit Miki comes in several sizes and is served with a sidedish of spring onions and chilli vinegar.

Mhikimoto is within walking distance of the Plaza.

Mhikimoto Pancit Miki

Sitio Dalagisan, San Gregorio, La Paz

Triple R

Triple R Panciteria set up in late 2017, is well situated along the road to La Paz from Calaba, Bangued.
It is popular with passing traffic and locals alike. There is plenty of roadside parking too, which is good for business.

What I like about Triple R is that they serve the crispy chicharon on a small side dish, so you are able to add it to the Pancit Miki as and when you want and it wont go soggy. Chilli paste is also served on a side plate.

Try their P40 Pancit Miki Overload for a really filling meal.

Where to Stay in Bangued – Abrassi Hotel

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Pancit Miki Triple R, San Gregorio, La Paz
Pancit Miki of Triple R, San Gregorio, La Paz

Poblacion, Dolores


An hours jeepney ride from Bangued is the small historical town of Dolores. As you enter the Poblacion, slightly set back on the left side of the road a small non-descript Bahay Kubo is the home of T-Booms Pancit Miki.

Named after the owners daughter, T-Booms is made from local bamboo and has a real authentic Provincial feel that compliments the goodness of their Pancit Miki.

Prices start at P20 for a bowl of “Ordinary”, with a “Super Special”  priced at P35.


T Boom Panciteria Pancit Miki from Dolores, Abra
T Boom Pancit Miki from Dolores, Abra

Agoncillo St. Zone 3, Bangued

Kris Anne Panciteria

Tucked away in a side street near the San Lorenzo Shrine is Kris Anne Panciteria. Set in a spacious yard under a mango tree with plants scattered around this popular panciteria also serves ice cold smoothies and brewed coffee as well as pancit miki and miki guisado.
Pocket friendly prices starting at P25 for an Ordinary miki, up to P37 for Special. Miki Guisado is P40 at time of writing.


Smoothie, Kris Annes Panciteria, Bangued, Abra, Philippines
Miki Guisado, Kris Annes Panciteria, Zone 3, Bangued Abra, Philippines



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