Climb Abra | Mt Pisusok, Tineg

Guide to Climbing Mt Pisusok
The Jump Off Point for Mt Pisusok in Sitio Vira, Tineg is a 2 to 3 hour ride from Bangued. There are a couple of Sari-sari stores where you can buy some trail food and fill up with water for the first leg of the hike. Mt. Pisusok can clearly be seen from here in the distance, rising above the Apao Rolling Hills.

The first leg takes us for a two hour hike along a well established trail, with awesome views all around of the Apao Rolling Hills, used by the local villagers for about 3km down to a river. This trail is quite steep in places with loose soil, so care should be taken.

Once the river is crossed, either by rock hopping or by getting your feet wet, you then follow the trail until you arrive in Barangay Apao. You should head to the Barangay Captains house to report your safe arrival and also your departure.
Take your lunch break here. Rest up and prepare yourself for the three to four hour climb to the Summit of Mt Pisusok.

Mt Pisusok, Apao, Tineg, Abra (1124m)

JOP – Sitio Vira, Brgy. Alaoa, Tineg
GPS 17°43’13″N 120°49’34″E
Campsite – GPS 17°42’28″N 120°52’15″E, 1042 MASL
Summit – GPS 17°42’31″N 120°52’25″E, 1124 MASL
Nearest Water Source – GPS 17°42’40″N 120°52’10″E

GPS Plotter Tineg to Lacub Traverse via Mt Pisusok Summit, Abra
Brgy Apao in river valley below Mt Pisusok, Abra

Brgy Apao to Mt Pisusok Campsite

A few metres after leaving Brgy Apao the trail crosses a hanging bridge which leads into the rice terraces. This is a great place to test your balancing skills as you trek along the narrow earthen path walls that lead up to the open exposed lower grassland slopes of Mt Pisusok.

As you leave the pathways of the rice terraces the trail rises steeply through the grassy slopes littered with black volcanic rock boulders. Don’t forget to look behind you occasionally and take in the wonderful view of Brgy Apao far below, surrounded by rice terraces, farmland and the river snaking its way through the scenic Apao Rolling Hills.

The grassy slopes are also home to herds of Carabao who can be seen wandering around in numbers or cooling themselves in the mud pools. Carabao are usually quite docile but can be aggressive if provoked, especially if they have calves. So be careful !!!!!

There is not much shade for the first couple of hours and the sight of Pine trees at 660masl is a welcome chance to take a break before a challenging steep section up a rocky grass covered slope to the Pine Ridge at 737masl. The trail to the campsite at the other end of the pine ridge rises steadily as you pass along the track through the pine forest.

Then suddenly the Pine forest ends and the open grass covered summit of Mt Pisusok is in front of you. This is the campsite at 1042masl. Now you can drop your backpacks here and relieved of that excess weight, climb the last 82 metres up to the summit and enjoy the sunset with a 360 degree view over Abra.

Bangued and Mt Bullagao (The Sleeping Beauty) can be seen in the distance when looking to the West. To the East, 800 metres below, you can see the rice terraces of Barangay Lan-ag alongside the river whose course you will follow if you are making the 3D2N Traverse hike to Lacub. (See the 3D2N Itinerary below for details)

Lan-ag Lacub from Summit of Mt Pisusok Abra

Day 2 – Return to Bangued OR Traverse to Lacub

Wake up call is early and a quick hike back to the Summit for the sunrise, after which is breakfast and breaking camp.

If you are on the 2D1N hike then the chances are that you will return to Sitio Vira the same route you came.
If you are on the Traverse hike to Lacub, you should have seen where you are heading to from the Summit.

So lets now head to Lacub. The trail is all downhill for the first thirty minutes, where you will pass by the last water source before Brgy Lan-ag, so drink and refill your bottles. Heading out again into open, exposed grasslands there’s a very steep climb where you will need some elementary bouldering skills to navigate your way over and around black volcanic rocks that lie scattered over the countryside.

Further along, the trail again passes through cattle country where you may be tempted to show your inner cowboy to the herds of cows and Carabao pasturing there. But it’s best to save your energy for the what seems like a never ending descent through big black boulders, to the dirt track that has been carved out of the mountain.

Say Good-bye to the Open Countryside as you continue the trek towards Lan-ag following the well established trail of local villagers up and downhill, along a tree lined route to the river whose width must be crossed for the last section across rice terraces to Lan-ag. Take time out to enjoy a well deserved swim in the pools on the other side.
TIP – Don’t forget to waterproof your valuables and electronics before wading across the river.

After resting from your mornings four hour hike to Lan-ag, it’s another two to three hours hike to Barangay Lablabinag, where you can stopover for the night and experience a Wifi Free Zone. The villagers here subsist from farming rice, maize, vegetables and fish. They are very friendly and helpful and love to welcome visitors to their community.

In the morning it’s just a short three hour hike through rice fields, passing Barangays Bacag and Guinguinabang, where if you are lucky, can join the weekly “Walking Jeepney” along a shaded trail that follows the course of the river to Lacub, where the Medieval looking town walls and concrete “drawbridge” Welcome you.

Mt Pisusok Water Sources

Advised to carry minimum 2L water/pax

Water Refill

  1. Brgy Apao
  2. From Campsite, 30 minutes downhill
    GPS 17°42’40″N 120°52’10″E


Hanging bridge on the way to Lacub. Mt Pisusok Traverse
Lacub town walls Mt Pisusok Traverse Abra

Mt Pisusok Sample Itinerary 2D 1N

Friday Evening
Leave Manila for Bangued

06.00 Arrival Bangued
06.30 to 07.00 Abreno Breakfast  Pancit Miki
07.00 Check in at DPWH Compound
07.30 to 08.00 Leave for JOP at Sitio Vira, Tineg
10.30 Arrive Sitio Vira. Last chance to stock up with trail food and Water
11.00 Start hike to Brgy Apao. Hike through the scenic Apao Rolling Hills
13.00 Lunch at Brgy Apao
13.30 Begin ascent to Mt.Pisusok
17.00 Arrive Campsite. Leave bags and climb to summit for the sunset
18.00 Pitch tents and dinner

04.00 Wake up call
04.30 Climb to summit for Sunrise
06.00 Breakfast and pack up
07.00 Break camp and return to Bry Apao for lunch
12.00 Hike back to Sitio Vira for pickup and return to Bangued
17.00 Arrival Bangued

***** See 3D2N Itinerary below for those who need more of Abra’s Open Spaces*****

How to Book Your Mt Pisusok Climb

The best way to book your Mt Pisusok climb and other tours around Abra is with the Abramazing Group. They are a local group of enthusiasts and experts on Everything Abra. There is an Office at the Pasalubong Centre just before the Tangadan Tunnel where you can stopover as you enter the Province or you can  Contact Dykath Molina on 092 777 258 56  or on Facebook 

Where to Stay in Bangued – Strutz Art Garden Resort

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Local Kids running Apao Rolling Hills, Abra Mt.Pisusok
Climbing Mt. Pisusok, Tineg, Abra
Apao Rolling Hills from Summit of Mt. Pisusok

Itinerary for a Mt Pisusok / Lacub Traverse Hike 3D2N

This itinerary is for those who have an extra day away or for one of those Long Weekends

Friday and Saturday Itinerary is the same as above

04.00 Wake up call 
04.30 Climb to summit for Sunrise 
06.00 Breakfast and pack up 
07.00 Break camp. Start hike to Brgy Lan-ag
11.30 Lunch in Brgy Lan-ag
12.30 Hike to Sitio Lablabinag
15.00 Arrive Sitio Lablabinag
Rest of day free time to look around
meet and greet Locals

05.30 Wake up call
06.00 Breakfast
07.00 Start hike to Guinguinabang via Bacag
08.30 Arrive Guinguinabang. Snacks
09.00 Continue hike to Lacub
10.30 Arrive Lacub for lunch
12.00 Return to Bangued
15.00 Arrive Bangued

River on way to Lacub from Mt Pisusok Abra
“You never climb the same mountain twice, not even in memory.
Memory rebuilds the mountains, changes the weather, retells the jokes,
remakes all the moves”



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Mt Pisusok

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How to Book Your Mt.Pisusok Climb

The best way to book your Mt. Pisusok climb and other tours around Abra is with the Abramazing Group. They are a local group of enthusiasts and experts on Everything Abra.
There is an Office at the Pasalubong Centre just before the Tangadan Tunnel where you can stopover as you enter the Province or you can 
Contact Dykath Molina on 092 777 258 56  or on Facebook 

Where to Stay in Bangued – Abrassi Hotel

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Mt Pisusok, Tineg, Abra
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